The Quick Inspire Me Episode

Three amazing inspiration tips – The Quick Inspire Me Episode

Darren gets bored with his room and decides to head out for a little change of scenery. Once there he shares a little on perspective, before offering three tips on finding inspiration when it is being elusive. Oh and there’s the sea too. Follow imaginality on Facebook and realise your creative potential And we tweet […]

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Creative give-o-way from Lisa Sonora Beam

Lisa Sonora Beam celebrates her 100th post with a give-a-way. She is offering three free places in her Creative + Practice workshop. To find out more and have a chance of winning, head on over to her site, read up and make a comment. 100th episode give-a-way

The Be Prepared Episode

Prepare Yourself for Better Creativity – The Be Prepared Episode

The Be Prepared Episode from Imaginality. This week Darren takes a look at something we can always prepare for our creative journey… ourselves! Be Prepared is widely known as the Scout Motto. It should also be part of our creative toolbox. Preparation is one of the three basic tenets that I believe we need to […]


A little time each day to reach a creative goal – The Time Episode

To be creative you just need a little time. The Time Episode is the latest video from Imaginality. Darren will let you into the secret that just a little creativity each day can lead to some pretty big results. That is, if he can drag himself out of bed. You can find out more about […]

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3 steps to be a creative genius – The Power of three episode

Welcome to the Imaginality show, and The Power of Three episode. This week I take a look at three simple steps that will make you a complete creative genius in whatever medium you choose. I’ll be expanding on this in weeks to come but this is where it all begins, with three small steps. More […]

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Roz Morris and 7 essentials for writing a good novel

A wonderful post from Roz Morris with some essentials on writing a good novel. I particularly liked: we need to harvest our emotional memories This is something I regularly do in my journal, and for anyone out there wanting to write, it is, as Roz says, an essential for writing a good novel. Read the […]


The Dangerous Episode – Imaginality TV

What is the most dangerous word for the creative? All is revealed in The Dangerous Episode from Imaginality. Darren has a wry look at what can so easily stop us from realising our creative potential. In the video, I mention software that I now use instead of Adobe Creative Suite. I’m on a Mac but […]