day 17 advent creative calendar renew rubbish

Day 17 – Advent Creative Calendar

Rubbish recycle Find something you are throwing out An envelope, scrap paper, a bottle, or container? Add colour, words, emotions Prompt: renew When something has fulfilled its purpose we don’t need to get rid of it. There is so much potential left. We just need to see and realise the possibilities. Rubbish? Recycle? Renew? It’s your […]

day 16 advent creative calendar 4 line poem

Day 16 – Advent Creative Calendar

Four line poem rhythm and rhyme your choice What words you rhyme is always down to you ABAB, AABB, ABBA? But rhyme it should Prompt: Get ready The rules of rhyme may seem restrictive. I have found that the more rules we impose on our creativity, the more creative we become. We like to break […]

day 15 advent creative calendar matisse

Day 15 – Advent Creative Calendar

Matisse Moment Cut out shapes from magazines coloured paper, or paper scraps Make an image from the shapes Prompt: new from old Quite often we don’t need anything new to create something special. Sometimes we can use what we have. At this time of Advent, a time of anticipation of something new, let’s remember what […]

day 14 advent creative calendar snowflake

Day 14 – Advent Creative Calendar

Snowflake Draw a snowflake A six-sided, repeated pattern Unique, but symmetrical and ordered Prompt: Balanced? You are a unique snowflake (or not, depending on Chuck Palahniuk) But how balanced are you? Do the patterns of your life support or deter your uniqueness? take 24 creative ideas. spend 5 – 15 minutes each day. make 24 […]

day 13 advent creative calendar spray paint

Day 13 – Advent Creative Calendar

Spray Paint Throw, splat, spray, flick, blow through a straw, some paint on to paper. Prompt: calm in chaos Life can feel like a mess at times. But even in the midst of chaos, you can find calm. What has your chaotic art made? A mess, or is there some structure? take 24 creative ideas. […]

day 12 advent creative calendar facetime

Day 12 – Advent Creative Calendar

FaceTime Draw a face – your face (or take a photo and print it) Shade, paint, colour, give it expression But what is your expression? Prompt: The future Advent is all about an arrival, so how do you feel about what will, or will not happen in your future? Is your face happy, apprehensive, sad, […]


Day 11 – Advent Creative Calendar

Tessellation time Draw a shape. Repeat. Repeat Keep going till you want to stop Do you have a path or a place? Prompt: Shape the future We always have a choice to stay or to go. To stay in place and enjoy our surroundings and community. To press on and look for a new place […]