Sleep perchance to dream 30 writing prompts 30

Sleep, perchance to dream – 30 Writing Prompts – 30

That’s it, the day is over, it is time to sleep. This is where our final writing prompt leads us. It brings us to the moment when we settle down and drift from consciousness to unconsciousness. It is time to sleep, and perhaps we shall dream. You’ve had a long day, everything that has happened […]

Shutdown 30 writing prompt 29

Shutdown – 30 Writing Prompts – 29

The day is coming to an end, and that’s where our writing prompt takes us. Everything that has been done during the day has been done, there is nothing else you can do. Some things will need to be left for tomorrow, and they can all wait. This is all about the process of shutting […]

The blackout 30 writing prompts 28

The Blackout – 30 Writing Prompts – 28

You are relaxed at home, the day is coming to a close. You might be watching the TV or reading a book, as always the choice is yours. You might be with a partner, a friend or two, the whole family, or you might be alone. All of a sudden the lights go out and […]

Street drama 30 writing prompts 27

Street Drama – 30 Writing Prompts – 27

As we write it is easy to think that all the drama happens to us. Our main characters are the ones that move the story, but things happen to others as well. This writing prompt explores things that go bump in the night, to others. The scene is simple. You are safe and sound, in […]

Time to relax 30 writing prompts 26

Time to Relax – 30 Writing Prompts – 26

It is time to relax, to unwind and to let everything melt away, in our words at least. Today’s writing prompt is about exploring the moment when you let everything go and chill out. It is a journey into our own minds. First set the scene, the most obvious is to run a nice hot […]

Pastime 30 writing prompt 25

Pastime – 30 Writing Prompts – 25

This writing prompt is all about doing hobbies. It is all about describing the pastimes that we enjoy and spend our time doing. The hobby is down to you, as is the location. It could be something as simple as reading or active as skydiving – although why you would enjoy skydiving is beyond me. […]

Goggle box 30 writing prompts 24

Gogglebox – 30 Writing Prompts – 24

What’s your relationship with the TV. Is it the demon that sucks away your time in the corner of the room? Is it a friend you snuggle up to and spend the late nights with? Do you even have a TV? Well, the TV is the centre of our writing prompt today, but there is […]