Happy Birthday Imaginality

It’s the anniversary of the first post on Imaginality… and yes, I know, high time there was more here. Well, never fear, there’s plenty in the pipeline and once I fix the little blockage it will be flowing your way. In the meantime ask yourself the following question… What is your creative dream? What do […]

The season finale episode

How does being creative make you feel – The Season Finale

Memories, ideas and inspiration mesh together in a slightly different video from Darren. The first season of Imaginality comes to an end, and we have a nostalgic moment. We’ll be back soon, but in the meantime… nostalgia it’s a potent force Sign-up for SuziBlu’s Carnival Pets Workshop, develop your mixed media skills and make some great art! […]


Help Me I have lost my Muse

It can happen to any creative person and this week it happened to Darren. In this week’s episode Darren finds that his muse has gone and run away. However, he does deliver the words fop and popinjay, along with three tips to find your muse and get back to creating the art you love and […]

10 tips to cope with stress

10 tips to deal with Stress from Darren’s Imaginality

Stress can cause a lot of problems. It can stop us from reaching our creative potential and more importantly is a problem for our health. I’ve been struggling with both recently so thought it was time to sort a few things out. In the latest episode of Imaginality I offer 10 tips to deal with stress […]

The actually getting something done episode

How to deal with distractions when being creative

How can we deal with distractions that stop us from being creative? Darren takes a look at distractions, interruptions and, in fact, gets distracted in the latest Imaginality Episode. Highly recommended distractions include: Jennibellie’s YouTube Channel WheezyWaiter’s YouTube Channel And SuziBlu’s Petite Dolls class If you really want to avoid distraction then Freedom is what you […]

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 08.30.43

Don’t let fear stop your creative potential – Imaginality

The Don’t be Afraid, Don’t be Very Afraid Episode is here. This week I take a look at why we shouldn’t let fear stop us from being creative. I share how I feel and how I have been overcoming my own fears. There’s a little music from my own This Temple Eden and, more importantly, I’d love to see what you […]

Not an episode

The Not Quite An Episode Episode

It was Easter so normal service wasn’t occurring. Short and to the point, this week I seek a little inspiration from what is around me, and you can as well. Look for inspiration and then create. Back to normal next week!