Just one kiss 30 writing prompts 22

Just One Kiss – 30 Writing Prompts – 22

Today’s prompt is all about the intimate. It is time for your character, to have a physical moment with another. It is time for a kiss! The setting is, as always, pretty much yours to choose. It could be at the end of an evening out, or a chance meeting. It could be following a […]

Play away 30 writing prompts21

Play Away – 30 Writing Prompts – 21

It’s time to play. Time to chill out and spend time playing a game with a child, or group of children. The idea behind this prompt is to think like a child. Get inside the head of young person as they play and put those thoughts on to paper, or screen. Choose a game to […]

The dinner party 30 writing prompts 20

The Dinner Party – 30 Writing Prompts – 20

It’s time to eat, it’s dinner time. However, food isn’t the focus of this writing prompt. We’re going to explore the art of conversation, it’s time we had a talk. The dinner party is a great setting for conversations. In fact, it is a great idea for the creation of plays, stories and life itself. […]

a night out 30 writing prompts 19

A Night Out – 30 Writing Prompts – 19

The evening is ahead of you. You are going out. This can be to anywhere you want, perhaps an evening meal, or a rendezvous with someone special, or not so special? The choice is yours, however, first you have to get ready. This prompt is about the practicalities of getting ready to go out for […]

daydream believer 30 writing prompts 18

Daydream Believer – 30 Writing Prompts – 18

Do you daydream? Do you find yourself drifting off and thinking of something unrelated to what you’re doing? Today’s prompt is all about exploring those moments and using your imagination. Set the scene by describing what you are doing. This can be anything, but my personal preference is to be drinking a cup of tea… […]

what's that song 30 writing prompts 17

What’s that song? – 30 Writing Prompts – 17

Music can be close to our hearts. It touches our lives in ways other things can’t. Today’s prompt is nice and simple and allows us to explore our emotions and memories, through the inspiration of music. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you hear a song, a piece of music. This could be […]

School run 30 writing prompts 16

School run – 30 Writing Prompts – 16

Your work day is over, but you aren’t the only one who has finished. The school day is finished as well. This is the focus of our prompt today, the school run, picking up the children. Either you are off to the school to pick up the children, or you see children leaving school on […]