day 24 advent creative calendar cubist nativity

Day 24 – Advent Creative Calendar

Cubist nativity Draw simple shapes Circles, squares, triangles The Christ Child born Prompt: advent / arrival Advent is nearing completion. You have arrived? Or has something arrived and visited you? To arrive does not end the journey… take 24 creative ideas. spend 5 – 15 minutes each day. make 24 pieces of art. above all, […]

day 23 advent creative calendar present opening

Day 23 – Advent Creative Calendar

The open present In words, paint or song describe the joy as a child opens a present Prompt: joy to the one A precious gift is beyond comparison. The innocence of a child beyond skepticism. Mix the two, and you have joy. Can you rekindle your personal joy today? take 24 creative ideas. spend 5 […]

day 22 advent creative calendar mandala

Day 22 – Advent Creative Calendar

Make a mandala One shape in the centre Add other shapes concentrically Colour, elaborate and embellish Prompt: grow From one small, simple shape, something more complex emerges. It is amazing what we can grow in to, to what we can become. How do you want to grow? take 24 creative ideas. spend 5 – 15 […]

day 21 advent creative calendar book titles

Day 21 – Advent Creative Calendar

Books and book ends Draw two book ends Now add the books in-between Finally, create titles of what you ‘need’ to read Prompt: feed your soul There is so much that we fill our time with. How much of that time is filled with things we don’t need, or want? Think a little about the […]

day 20 advent creative calendar limerick

Day 20 – Advent Creative Calendar

Limerick time a simple 5 lined poem not a sonnet or tome where lines 1,2 and 5 rhyme and come alive your prompt: your heart is your home The structure of a Limerick is a frame for creativity. It’s frame where we can find solace and perhaps feel safe. Another place we should feel safe […]

day 19 advent creative calendar mondrian

Day 19 – Advent Creative Calendar

Mondrian cubes and rectangles Draw some straight lines. Add cubes and rectangles just like Mondrian Colour in some of the shapes (Do you colour outside the lines?) Prompt: Breakout Mondrian’s art was crisp, clear, minimal. Do you follow the way he makes his shapes? Or do you want to colour outside the lines? Feel free, […]