3 steps to be a creative genius – The Power of three episode

Welcome to the Imaginality show, and The Power of Three episode. This week I take a look at three simple steps that will make you a complete creative genius in whatever medium you choose. I’ll be expanding on this in weeks to come but this is where it all begins, with three small steps.

More details about the links I mention in the video:

For writers of all levels Write to Done is a great site. I’m sure you’ll learn something whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned scribbler. The article on poetry is here.

SuziBlu has been creating art and ‘stuff’ for years. She’s an inspiration and all her courses are found on Etsy. She’s always adding new classes. Again, whether you do or don’t know one end of a pencil from the other, or you’ve been drawing and painting since before you could crawl, you’ll find something to inspire and guide you. If you don’t already, follow her blog for inspiration and journaling goodness.

Imaginality – The Pilot Episode

It gives me great pleasure, to bring you the first episode, in fact, The Pilot Episode of Imaginality. These regular videos give hints, tips and inspiration to help you reach your creative potential. Simple, fun and informative is the order of the day. I hope you enjoy them and, more importantly, get something out of them. Above all, reach your creative potential… go forth and creatively – ha!

Some more Monday inspiration

These are uplifting as well as inpsirational. 12 videos from Vimeo to blow on your creative spark.

Here we go, hold on tight

Synesthesia – Monday inspiration

Found this wonderful video by Terry Timely via the equally wonderful SynthGear.

Just the thing to get the creative juices folling on a Monday, or any day in fact.

My socks have been blown off – ThruYOU

This is truly amazing.

Take a group of unrelated youtube videos, mash them up and turn them into complete video / music tracks.

ThruYOU: Kutiman mixes YouTube